“I was dealing with several issues and I’d been to at least 3 different doctors with not much success. Meeting Dr. Jackie was my lucky day. Since I have started seeing her, my issues have virtually disappeared. Dr. Jackie has a great way with people. She talks to me in a way that puts me at ease. I always walk out feeling like I got the best care possible. I’ve been to several podiatrists but I am seeing the last one I will ever need to see.
Thanks Dr. Jackie!”

Gary Dell’Abate aka “BaBa Booey”
Producer/Howard Stern Show


“Dr. Sutera was so helpful and kind and really made me feel at ease. My foot problem was cleared up very quickly, within a few days I was good as new! I will absolutely continue to see Dr. Sutera for many years to come! I would recommend Dr. Sutera to everyone!”

Richard Christy
Writer/Howard Stern Show


Dr. Glenn Weiss is a great doctor who personally cares about each patient and he is an excellent surgeon. I had successful bunionectomy operations on each of my feet and I am back walking five miles a day –  with no pain at all. Plus, I can now comfortably wear my high heels!
C. Lally


“After years of pain with a bunion but especially in the last year – I ventured into Dr. Sutera’s office. She was recommended by a coworker who had a similar procedure done. Her staff was courteous, professional & friendly! They all made me feel quite at ease. I sincerely felt I was in good hands, I had the procedure on the 15th February 2008 and am happy to say, four months later the recovery has gone very well. I look forward to wearing my cowboy boots soon enough. I’d go through the surgery again for my other foot. Dr. Jacqueline Sutera & her staff are highly recommended and endorsed by yours truly!”

Evelyn Melendez
HarperCollins Publishers NY, NY

“Dr. Jacqueline Sutera has an interest in foot health and people that translates into excellent, personalized care! As a colleague and a patient, I have been consistently impressed by her level of commitment and care.”

Dr. Lisa Thebner
Pediatrician and NBC contributor NY, NY

“I went to Dr. Sutera when I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even wear a regular shoe. She was gentile and delicate and had me back in my shoes in no time. She was also very thorough. Now my feet feel better and look better. She’s fantastic!”

Debra Goldshmidt
NBC Medical Producer NY,NY

Dear Dr. Sutera,
I want to thank you for letting me coming into the OR with you to observe. It was an immense learning experience. Clearly your expertise and devotion shined through, while I was watching you do the surgery. Because of your influence on me my enthusiasm to study at NYCPM and see it through has grown exponentially. I want to be like you someday, and I am confident with hard work I can meet my goal. You should feel proud that you have had this positive effect on a student, and I am thankful that you have devoted time and energy in giving me this experience. You should have seen the smile on my face when I came home today, I was just amazed and psyched about today’s experience. I hope when I enter the Podiatry profession you will be proud of me and you certainly can take credit if I become the excellent doctor that I am striving to become.

Fred Drucker
Medical Student, NYCPM