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Urgent Foot Care

What is urgent foot care?

Urgent and painful injuries can immediately cause an inability to walk normally. At a facility that can handle urgent foot care needs, most issues can be diagnosed and treated in the same visit. Traditionally, a patient would have to go to the ER first to be evaluated and then follow up with their podiatrist for treatment a few days later. Urgent foot care doctors have the ability to do preliminary diagnostic tests such as blood work, X-rays and ultrasound.

After proper diagnosis, treatment can include in office procedures such as: incision and drainage of access, ingrown toenail surgery, setting of fractures, casting, crutch training, etc. Some urgent care issues that may need immediate attention include: fractures, sprains, diabetic ulcerations, lacerations, infected ingrown toenails, toenail injuries, abscesses, infections, cellulitis, trauma, splinters/foreign body, gout, etc.

When should a patient go to the office vs. ER?

Some foot injuries and infections can become urgent conditions. In some cases of patients with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease these conditions can become limb and even life threatening. In these patients a small minor infection can easy spread, and in the most severe cases, develop into gangrene. In cases of limb or life threatening conditions or any sign of gangrene, the patient should immediately be brought to a hospital Emergency Room.

In more minor puncture wounds or toenail infections, if you can’t get to the office immediately, the area should be cleaned so it doesn’t get badly infected. You may need to stop some bleeding, soak the area in warm salt water to help the swelling and pain. For injuries like sprains, RICE therapy is usually recommended. Rest, ice, compression and elevation can help. These simple at home care can help you take care of your feet until you can get to your podiatrist’s office.

At City Podiatry, we offer fast, convenient access, and an exceptional patient experience. We can accommodate same day and walk in appointments. In most cases you are in and out in less than an hour. Skip the ‘doc in the box’ and come right to the specialists for all you urgent foot care needs!  We are patient centered and as a valued patient, you are the focus of everything we do.  We have digital X-ray and ultrasound to diagnose and treat ankle, foot and nail injuries, fractures, splinters, sprain, pains, and infections. We accept most major medical insurances and offer affordable pricing for those without insurance. We also accept no fault and workers compensation cases.