Our Services

Podiatrists diagnose and treat common foot and ankle injuries from sports, physical activities or accidents and regular life.  Sprains, heel pain and fractures are often under diagnosed and, when left untreated, may lead to chronic pain and re -injury.  In some cases custom orthotics can be a simple pain-free solution.

Diabetics should be seen by a Podiatrist on a regular basis to ensure foot health and avoid complications such as infections and amputations.  While diabetes affects the entire body, sensations of pain are often diminished or absent, especially in the lower legs and feet. This is important because pain is a sign that there is something wrong.

It is important for you to see a podiatrist for nail and skin fungal infections of your feet, even if you think they are common.  Not only are these infections unsightly and painful, they can also lead to more serious bacterial infections.  With early intervention, they may be easily treatable by a Podiatrist.

For the bunions, hammertoes and other bony foot conditions we offer conservative, surgical and non-surgical options to achieve proper foot alignment.  Our goal is to prevent common and painful deformities.  Many of these procedures are cutting edge and are non and/or minimally invasive.